Rebecca Wood, DVM


Pets: “Franny” – German shepard mix – 8 years old, “Buckshot” – Alaskan special – 4 years old, “Cosmo” – orange tabby – 11 years old, “Meatloaf” – red-eyed tetra ~2 years

Cosmo has been with me from the start. I adopted him in my first year of vet school. He has lived in Alabama, Kentucky, Fairbanks, and Bethel. He’s seen the addition of 2 dogs, a husband, and 2 kids. Hobbies include naps, eating, scowling, and letting the 5 year old human dress him up (while scowling).

Franny was adopted in December 2010. She is our vocal “Nana” dog with the kids and takes her job as lookout very seriously. Her primary hobbies include deck sunbathing in the summer and camping under the high chair for the rain of discarded baby food bits.

Buckshot came to us after recovering from multiple shotgun wounds. He is our loveable “doofus.” His favorite thing in all the world is to listen for someone to open the freezer so he can come running to beg for ice cubes. He has served as a blood donor in the past and loves to “come to work.”

Meatloaf is a hardy little guy. One of our original fish, he is a beast of a tetra. His hobbies include hiding in his kingdom of live plants and swimming majestically around the tank waiting to hear the “shake-shake” of his food container.