Nadia Bacon, DVM

Nadia Bacon, DVM


Dear Fairbanks Folks,

After nearly 21 years in Alaska and at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital, it is time for me to turn over a new leaf.

My daughter has graduated from high school and will be attending college out of state. My mother lives in Austria and is nearly 80 years old, so I am planning to move back to Europe to be near her, as was always my intention.

I will continue to work at MMAH for the next few months but reduce the number of days. June will be the last month my daughter and I will forseeably be living in the same town, so I intend to spend more time with her, before she leaves for travel and then for college. In July I will be rather busy trying to tie up the many loose ends and also enjoying my last Alaskan summer. In early August I will be traveling briefly  to Europe (my dog will go live with my mother) and to the East Coast to take my daughter to college, then return to Fairbanks the second half of August to wrap up my Alaskan life. I have no fixed plans yet, but I will probably leave the Great Land sometime in September  L.

Fairbanks has been the city of my longest residence, and after a rather unimpressive first glance, has become like an intimate friend.

Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital has been my professional home and family for 2 decades, and has allowed me to achieve the difficult balance between being a veterinarian and a mother, and to find the time to keep in touch with my far flung family members, for which I have been extremely grateful.

To my clients and their pets, some of whom I have known from their first puppy or kitten vaccines to their old age, and some of whom actually like me – and some don’t – I appreciate your patronage, your trust and belief in me, your cards and treats, and sometimes your friendship.

I know I will miss all of this greatly (except the typing of records at midnight part).

Nadia Bacon


Pets: Macy Scarface

Macy joined the Bacon family 5 years ago. She came to Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital for treatment of extremely bad dog fight wounds. She was surrendered to the FNSB animal shelter and spent about a week recovering here at the hospital. If you think she is skinny now, you should have seen what she looked like originally! Her name Macy comes from the fact that she looked emaciated. The staff decided that Macy’s goofy personality would be an excellent fit for Dr. Bacon and that she needed to be officially adopted.

Her days are now spent lounging in the Dr.’s office on days that Dr. Bacon is working or enjoying adventures in the outdoors. Because of her lean body build and short hair, Macy can often be seen with anywhere from 1 to 3 different layers of coats. She especially loves her human flannel that gives some coverage to her long legs. While she is very sweet, she is not very smart. Her biggest concern in life is that she is chronically under-petted.