Krislyn J DeLeon, DVM

Pets: Snickers (Min. Dachshund) and Dolly (Standard Poodle)

Snickers is a transplant from LA. After my last dachshund passed away, I needed another chondrodystrophic friend. When I was in California for a veterinary meeting, I looked up dachshund rescues. Alas, it was not meant to be at the time, but two months later they contacted me. They had the perfect guy with skin, ear, and back problems. He’s now cured of his issues, and is a great friend. Every winter, he asks to move back to California, but he loves spending his summers chasing squirrels, going on the paddleboard and kayak, and hiking with us.

Dolly is a standard poodle I met when she was in the womb. Her parents came in for some reproductive help, and it was successful. She lived with another family until she was five when her master passed away. She has been a lot of fun; my constant companion winter or summer. She’s ready for me to quit working and devote all my time to hiking, skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and hanging out with her.