Theresa, Veterinary Assistant

Pets: Kitty, Rylee (Blue Heeler/Aussie mix)

Kitty is my little Prince of Wales Island cat whose life I saved after her litter was going to be put down. My husband and I adopted her, and she lived in a small trailer with us while he was working on the island. She is a very well-traveled cat. She came back to the States with us, and we then drove with her from Southeast Alaska, through Canada, to Fairbanks. She loves to explore and play fetch. When I went to college, she flew up to Russian Mission, Alaska to live with my mother-in-law where she got to run around in the village with all her village friends. After I finished school, we flew her back down and spoiled her to death, and she has since settled down in our little house with all her toys.

Rylee is my little one-eyed blue heeler/aussie mix. She is a big baby and will pout in the corner if you yell at her. My husband found her on a farm while visiting family in Missouri where she was running around and bothering the farm cats. Despite her desire to be friends with everyone and everything, one of the farm cats took a dislike to her and scratched one of her eyes which led to glaucoma and eventually it had to be removed. After her eye healed, she was flown up to Fairbanks to be with us in her new home. She is the happiest one-eyed puppy and gets along well with just one eye (although she occasionally umps into corners). Rylee loves to chase around Kitty and play with her alligator toy. I couldn’t ask for a better family.