Sophia – Veterinary Assistant

Pets: Archer (DSH), Katya (DSH), Thor (Am. Bulldog mix), Ellie (sheltie mix), Meeko (ferret), Mira (ferret)

We like to call our little pack “Our Band of Misfits.” Thor is an American Bulldog mix and was my first dog after moving out of my parents’ house. He was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at eight months of age. This was a concern for the rescue that had him, but his goofy, laid-back demeanor was too much for us to resist.

Next was our grey tabby named Archer whom my husband and I found as a cute little four week old ball of fluff. We spent many hours one evening trying to catch him as he darted across a busy road. We were intending to make sure that he was healthy and then we would find him a home later, but that obviously did not follow through as planned.

Ellie came to us with a lot of behavioral issues, but it was nothing a little structure and training wasn’t been able to fix. She was just a stubborn terrier after all.

We got Katya, our second kitty, as a friend for Archer. Finally, our ferrets, Mira and Meeko, came to us from a “swap” page where they needed a good home.