Shirley, Receptionist

Pets: Rylee (Corgi), Rowdy (Corgi)

Since working at MMAH, I have had a total of five Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Currently, I have two; Rylee, a 13 year old spayed female and Rowdy, a five year old neutered male. Both are tri colored.

We drove to Anchorage in fall of 2004 to pick Rylee out of several Corgi pups as a companion for “Tinker,” one of our former Corgis. We were offered several, ranging in ages from 8 weeks to even an older dog. Tinker was overwhelmed by all of the small puppies crawling over him and helped us decide on Rylee, a then four month old. Rylee was ready for her new home, jumping from the arms of her previous owner into mine. Although we had a kennel set up in the back seat of the vehicle next to Tinker’s, Rylee would have none of that. She was the dominant female who chose to ride all the way back to Fairbanks on the console between the two front seats. Even to this day, it is her preference if given a chance from the back seat. Rylee is the queen of our household. She loves being outdoors in our garden area waiting for the first fresh peas. She always asks, never takes. Tinker was submissive to her and they became the best of friends, enjoying traveling and camping with us. She is not fond of summer heat nor bugs; she enjoys the cooler parts of the seasons and being outdoors in the snow. Rylee has always been the sweetest girl, accept when going to the veterinarian after a few vaccine pokes and dentals. She does not like being handled so she has been a challenge to work with. When Tinker passed on in fall 2011, she missed him dearly and occasionally will howl a very sad song.

Rowdy came to us in February 2012 from Wasilla as a four month old puppy. His previous owner had advertised online that she was looking for a good home for a puppy that was more than she could handle at this stage in her life. He slowly adjusted to ours’. Rowdy is an independent soul. He has noise aversions to anything metal, pots and pans and ladders. He has the best ears and loves to listen to you talk. He is very quick to pick up words, such as ride, walk (even “W”), and stairs. He loves to play with tennis balls, soccer balls, and Frisbees, he loves to walk, and he loves to take ride in his truck. When riding, he is always stalking or making sounds, like gurgling water. He loves it when we barbecue, guarding it and sniffing the aromas. Rowdy gets very excited when even the word barbecue Is mentioned.

As Rylee gets older, she is less interested in playing with Rowdy like they used to. Rylee is my alarm clock most mornings. After owning five corgis, I know they are each unique but they all get to know our routine very quickly, and we have received special joy from all of them.