Natalie – Kennel Assistant

Pets: Solo (German Shepherd), Lucy (Labrador Retriever mix), Zeus (Belgium Malinois)

Solo is my two year old shepherd. He is the first dog that is 100% mine. I became responsible for him after he was rejected by his original owner around six months of age, and I cannot imagine my life without him.

Lucy is my little rescue pup who was relinquished to the hospital with a severe bacterial intestinal infection caused by eating voles. No one was really sure what was going to happen with her, but thanks to the care of Dr. Nevill and Dr. Flamme, I got to add a new member to my furry family. Solo and Lucy got along instantly, and they are now inseparable.

Zeus is my 12 week old Belgian Malinois who was supposed to be a puppy that my husband could call his own, but he has turned into quite the mommy’s boy. He is doing Personal as well as Home Protection training, and he is already showing himself to be a very well-rounded, intelligent puppy.