Mikayla, Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Pets: Izzy (Long Haired Dachshund), Zoey (Toy Aussie), Pippin (Boston Terrier), Merry (Boston Terrier)

I got Izzy when I was in junior high, and I have had her for nine years. She has struggled with seizures since she was two. In 2012, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and we went through long treatments and steroids and in 2013, it went into remission. She is currently very healthy aside from putting on a little “winter weight” year round. She loves her squeaky toys.

I’ve known Zoey since she was a puppy, but she was not officially mine until a couple of years ago. She is very affectionate and constantly has to have a paw on you. She is very active for being almost 10 year old. Her favorite word is “treat” and her favorite movie is Zootopia.

Pippin is a two year old Boston. She loves playing Frisbee and swimming in the pool during the summer. She is named after my favorite Lord of the Rings character and her personality matches his’ perfectly. She is my little fool of a Took.

Merry was born into my little pack, the daughter of Pippin. She is the voice of reason and tattles on the others when they are being naughty. She is also named after a Lord of the Rings character. She follows Pippin around and likes to copy everything she does. She loves running around the yard but also loves sitting on the couch.