Pets: Pecan Sandy (DSH), Simon (DSH), Camilla (Persian mix), Ginger (Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix), McKinlee (Chocolate Lab), Monday (English Bulldog), 5 laying hens

Pecan Sandy is a twelve year old cat we rescued her from a hoarding situation in the spring 2017. He is as soft as a chinchilla and had to have a canine tooth removed. He usually looks like he is snarling because of this.

Simon is a five year old stray cat I adopted from the shelter in the spring 2017. He comes when called and is very friendly in new environments. He and Pecan Sandy play, wrestle, and snuggle all day long.

Camilla was my foster kitten in October 2003 when she was a tiny grey fluff ball at our local humane society in Michigan. She is the queen of our household. She has been with me in Michigan, Miami, Germany, and now Alaska.

McKinlee is our four year old chocolate lab that came into our lives in winter 2016 via some former friends who already had four other dogs and zero patience for her anxiety. We have been treating her anxiety medically and have also adjusted our routine so that she cannot easily access food. Even still, she tries incessantly to counter-surf.

Monday is my five year old English bulldog. She came into a veterinary hospital in spring 2016 with a full-body yeast and bacterial infection and severe, untreated bilateral dry eye. I became her foster mom for 30 days, fell in love with her, and subsequently adopted her and Pecan Sandy on March 29th (my daughter’s 1st birthday). She’s a typical bulldog, with allergies, attitude, and an agenda. Her agenda? Eat all of the food. She’s big on snuggling and snacks.

We also have five laying hens.