Pets: Axel (Border Collie), Coda (German Shorthair Pointer), Maddie (Border Collie mix), Garfield (cat), King Henry (cat)

Axel is my two year old border collie that I rescued when he was six months old. He is one of the sweetest, gentlest, and kindest of dogs that everyone falls in love with right away. Axel LOVES playing fetch more than anything else in the world. He also loves doing agility and runs competitively in agility trials. He enjoys bikejoring, skijoring, dog sledding, and he loves any sort of water activity. Putting his love of water and fetch together, he also competes in dock diving. Axel can fly through the air, doing vaults and spins when catching Frisbees. He lives to play with his Frisbee and is active in Disc Dogs.

Coda is my three year old German Shorthair Pointer. I rescued him from a shelter in Wisconsin where he was dumped for being too crazy and energetic for his owner. Coda is a great hunting dog; he lives for hunting birds. He is very loving and energetic. Coda loves to run and competes in bikejoring and sprint races.

Maddie is my 11 year old border collie/lab mix. I rescued her ten years ago from a shelter in Minnesota where she was also dumped for being too crazy and energetic. Maddie loves to play fetch (squeaky tennis balls are her favorite toy), and she used to compete in agility when she was younger but now only does it for fun. Maddie absolutely loves to run and pull and thinks she should have been born a sled dog. She is a great lead dog, loves bikejoring, skijoring, and dog sledding.

Garfield and King Henry are my two large and fluffy male cats. They grew up as outdoor farm cats in Minnesota until I rescued them several years ago. They are completely in love and inseparable. They love cuddling with each other, people, and their dog friends.