Kirsten – Receptionist


Pets: Meyer – miniature dachshund, Maverick – Mackenzie River husky, Schatzi – German shepard mix, Bumble – Samoyed, Myrtle – red eared slider

Meyer is the first dog I have ever owned and he is 6 years old. He and my dad have a special bond; my dad always tells me he is visiting Meyer and I’m just a bonus!

Myrtle is a red eared slider that I got in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2005, hence her name. I have always been obsessed with turtles and when I saw her on sale at a souvenir shop (I know, I know) I had to have her. Even though I had done my research prior to traveling from the lower 48 to Alaska, we were turned around at the Canadian border. If you are wondering it costs just over $173 to one day air a turtle from the Canadian border. She is worth it and I wouldn’t want her anywhere but with me!

We got Maverick when a friend of mine asked us to take him because he couldn’t keep him anymore. Him and Meyer are best friends.

Schatzi is our only girl and our foster fail! She was surrendered to the animal shelter after breaking her leg at 12 weeks old. We were only suppose to be her foster family but she never left. No matter what and how much she has been through she is such a happy girl.

Bumble came to us at 8 weeks. He is named after the abominable snowman from Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. He is a Samoyed , that should help explain the name, which is the breed of dog that broke my husband’s fear of dogs when he was younger.