Jennifer, Practice Manager

Pets: Priya (DSH), Ron (DSH), Hairy (DMH)

I adopted Priya, 11 years old, after she was surrendered to the clinic due to eye issues. She required drops in her eyes for months, and, though not blind, she now has foggy eyes. Priya is known for being grumpy in the hospital, but she is full of sweetness at home.

I adopted Ron, 10 years old, after he was also surrendered to the clinic due to a head injury. He requires constant contact at home; he has to always be touching someone. He is my son’s favorite cat. They have grown up together.

Hairy, 7 years old, was a foster cat that had a broken pelvis and needed space and six weeks of cage rest. My living room had space. My husband gave me the silent treatment for three weeks after bringing him home, but he is now my husband’s favorite cat.