Emily, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Pets: Lewis – domestic shorthair, Kiki – domestic shorthair, Lots of fish

Lewis is my childhood cat that joined our family on a whim. My parents and little brother were at the pet store picking up crickets for our pet frogs and he saw a cage with little kittens. One kitten was reaching its little paw as far as it could through the bars to grab at the baby bunnies in the cage next to it. Apparently my parents were being suckers that day and let him bring the cat home. He was a crazy little kitten that had the largest feet – he is polydactyl. Because he was so goofy and crazy we name him Lewis after the character on the Disney TV show Even Stevens. Once I grew up and was ready to move out Lewis came with me. He is such a great tempered cat. He is social with humans of all ages – way to understanding of young children and their grabby hands. He loves the summer time and gets depressed in the winter when it’s cold and dark.

Kiki came to our family while I was volunteering at the animal shelter. I used to volunteer my time at the animal shelter and would occasionally help with their off-site adoption events. Kiki was the ugliest little kitten. Her fur stuck out every which way, she was tiny, and couldn’t sit still long enough for anyone to look or hold her. All she wanted to do was crawl up your body and sit on your shoulder. After spending the day with her I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I convinced my then boyfriend, now husband, that he really needed a cat in his life. Kiki Meow Meow grew into herself and became a beautiful little cat with the softest coat. She is a cuddly little thing that likes to sleep right next to your pillow and never wants to leave your side unless you shake a plastic bag, then she is instantly terrified. Tiny humans also used to terrify her until she realized that they are great for cuddling up next to when they are being gentle.

A couple of years ago I thought a fish tank would be a fun Christmas present for my daughter. We purchased a 30 gallon tank and enjoyed setting up what seemed like an awesome home for a fish. We have a mix of zebra danios, tetras, red platys, a pleco, and my favorite – the shrimp. Those little guys run the tank and are hilarious to watch push the big fish around. They like to grab the fish food or their food pellets and swim around the tank with it in their feet while defending it from the rest of the tank.