Brenna, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Pets: Bebop, Yoshi, Altair, Tupalo, Zenith, Wren, Muah, Blue Steel, Elmer, Monterro, Simone, Zoe, Jean-Luc, Firefly, Ghost, Millennium Falcon, Normandy, Nostromo, Red Dwarf, Zoidberg

My husband and I have 20 dogs, 18 of which are Alaskan Husky sled dogs and two that are strictly pet dogs.

Bebop came to us as a young dog from Second Chance League. He is not a very hard worker in the harness, but he does love to run and is an enthusiastic eater!

Yoshi and Altair came to us from the Fairbanks Animal Shelter. Yoshi is one of our main lead dogs and is a remarkably fast learner; she loves to perform tricks for praise and attention. Altair was incredibly shy and there were doubts at the shelter as to his adoptability, but he has proven himself to be a faithful companion and family member.

Tupalo and Zenith came to us from a retiring musher in Chugiak who needed to re-home his dogs. Tupalo used to be one of our main lead dogs but has since retired to the couch. She bays like a beagle in the morning for breakfast, and has free reign of the house and dog yard. Zenith is an exuberant skijor and sled dog; she gives the best “Eskimo kisses.”

Wren came to us as a rescue sled dog from the Galena flood of 2013. She will passionately encourage the team from the swing position in line and considers sleeping on the couch a vital necessity to living. She considers herself to be a princess in the dog yard.

Muah came to us from the Chena Hot Springs dog kennel. He was purportedly bored running the same one mile loop over and over again and needed a change of scenery. Since his adoption, he has always been one of our strongest, most enthusiastic pullers, and he gives the best hugs.

Blue Steel and Elmer came to us from Squid Acres Kennel to enjoy a life of casual, recreational mushing. Blue Steel is one of the most intelligent, well-mannered, and well-behaved dogs in our kennel; she is always a dream to work with. Elmer is a fantastic lead dog who loves to work hard and nuzzle faces.

Monterro and Simone came to us from Wild and Free Kennel as yearlings. They both have the friendliest of personalities, the best attitudes, and they absolutely love belly rubs. Monterro is the tallest dog in our yard by far; when he stands on his back legs, he can look at me eye-to-eye. Simone believes she is never close enough to us physically unless she can literally hold our hand in her mouth.

Zoe is a Basenji mix and came to us from a family in Texas who no longer had time for her. She likes to play hall monitor in the house and tells the other dogs to stop running inside.

Jean-Luc is a West Highland Terrier and believes himself to be our literal baby. He goes everywhere with us. He loves to don his “doggles” and ride along in his Ruffit backpack when we go for bike rides.

Firefly, Ghost, Millennium Falcon, Normandy, Nostromo, Red Dwarf, and Zoidberg make up our first litter of sled dog puppies, born to Blue Steel and Muah. We christened them the “Armada Litter” as an homage to my very first sled dog Bebop whom I named after a fictional spaceship and who first brought the love of huskies into our lives. We have been planning for this litter for a long time, and we are so excited to be able to raise and train a new team from the very start.