Breanna, Veterinary Assistant


Pets: Kiara (Bengal mix), Kovu (Maine Coon mix), Ellie (Tuxedo cutie)

All of my fur babies are under five years of age, but their exact ages are unknown. They each have very unique personalities and stories.

Kiara, my Bengal mix, came from Craigslist. She was tiny the day I first picked her up. She curled up on my shoulder during the drive home, crying the entire way. I discovered she had ear mites and panicked because tiny creepy crawlies terrify me, but despite the infestation, I slept with her that night. I brought a pillow and blanket out to the living room because she was hiding in the TV stand; she crawled right out and curled up on my pillow. We slept like that through the night, and she has been my cuddle buddy ever since. She is my little huntress, with a wild streak that I love.

My second cat, Kovu, is a scaredy cat, easy to spook. He was found in a cardboard box in a Wal-Mart parking lot, so his life before coming to live with me may have contributed to his skittishness. He is very sweet, likes to “wrestle” by attacking my arm and rolling around on his back, and often hides in the kitchen cupboards when people come to visit.

Ellie, my third in the troublesome trio, is basically a dog trapped in a cat’s body. She comes when you call her, loves going for walks, and gives kisses as well as hugs. She was left at my previous job because the family had a pet limit in their apartment and wanted to get a puppy. Her adorable little self had been boarding there for quite some time before I decided to take her home for the weekend so that she could have some time in a home setting. She never went back. She has a lifelong illness that makes her sneeze frequently, but despite getting boogers sprayed in my face and having to wipe snot off the walls of the house, I love her very much.

I never thought I would own any cats, but now here I am, a crazy cat lady. I don’t regret it one bit, and I absolutely adore all three of my fur kids. I am hoping to add a dog to the mix, but I am waiting for the right fit.