Antonio began his life at Mt. McKinley in 2008. The hospital felt a little lonely having just 1 clinic cat so Dr. DeLeon went to the FNSB animal shelter to look for a new addition. Antonio was a young cat, roughly a year old, and was brought in as a stray cat that had been living in a dumpster. The shelter had named him Antonio after Antonio Banderas from the movie Puss In Boots, and the name stuck. Toni looked very similar to an orange cat named Calvin that Dr. DeLeon used to own and she was in love.

Our dearest Toni is a lover of boxes. Any shape and any size box that you have to offer, Antonio will claim as his own. He is also the king of mischief. Toni will climb up any surface to knock down or chew on the plants within the hospital. He learned the hard way that lilies are toxic to cats.

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