Jennifer, Practice Manager

Pets: Priya (DSH), Ron (DSH), Hairy (DMH) I adopted Priya, 11 years old, after she was surrendered to the clinic […]

Emily, Veterinary Technician

Pets: Lewis – domestic shorthair, Kiki – domestic shorthair, Lots of fish Lewis is my childhood cat that joined our […]

Lorrie, Pharmacy Manager

Lorrie has been a veterinary technician at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital since 2002. In addition to her dog Daisy, she […]

Brenna, Veterinary Technician

Pets: Bebop, Yoshi, Altair, Tupalo, Zenith, Wren, Muah, Blue Steel, Elmer, Monterro, Simone, Zoe, Jean-Luc, Firefly, Ghost, Millennium Falcon, Normandy, […]

Sara – Veterinary Assistant

Sara – Veterinary Assistant

Pets: Pixie (Dalmation), Bella (Aussie mix), Mishka (Malamute), Cougar (DSH), Sprinkles (Jersey Wooly Rabbit), Navi (Guinea pig) Mishka is six […]

Kelli – Veterinary Assistant

I moved to Fairbanks in September from Portland Oregon. I love working with animals, I had worked at my previous […]

Sophia – Veterinary Assistant

Pets: Archer (DSH), Katya (DSH), Thor (Am. Bulldog mix), Ellie (sheltie mix), Meeko (ferret), Mira (ferret) We like to call […]


Kirsten – Receptionist

Pets: Meyer – miniature dachshund, Maverick – Mackenzie River husky, Schatzi – German shepard mix, Bumble – Samoyed, Myrtle – […]

Natalie – Kennel Assistant

Pets: Solo (German Shepherd), Lucy (Labrador Retriever mix), Zeus (Belgium Malinois) Solo is my two year old shepherd. He is […]

Collin – Kennel Assistant

Pets: Snowball (DLH), Chatter (Shih Tzu) Snowball is a super fluffy cat. She is my best friend and is very […]



Pets: Kiara (Bengal mix), Kovu (Maine Coon mix), Ellie (Tuxedo cutie) All of my fur babies are under five years […]



Pets: Axel (Border Collie), Coda (German Shorthair Pointer), Maddie (Border Collie mix), Garfield (cat), King Henry (cat) Axel is my […]



Pets: Kitty, Rylee (Blue Heeler/Aussie mix) Kitty is my little Prince of Wales Island cat whose life I saved after […]



Pets: Izzy (Long Haired Dachshund), Zoey (Toy Aussie), Pippin (Boston Terrier), Merry (Boston Terrier) I got Izzy when I was […]


Pets: Hunter – 13 year old lab mix, Bella and Remmy – 2 year old dachshund/lab mix (sibblings) We adopted […]

Binx – Clinic Cat

Binx joined the Mt. McKinley family in 2006. He came to the hospital as an injured stray cat. A concerned […]

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Antonio – Clinic Cat

Antonio began his life at Mt. McKinley in 2008. The hospital felt a little lonely having just 1 clinic cat […]