Puppy Care

Puppy Care

Puppy Package (PDF)

You have taken the first step to having a wonderful companion and friend. It is important to do everything you can to make sure he or she grows up strong, healthy and happy. It is important to your puppy’s long term health that we examine your puppy as soon as possible to ensure he or she is healthy.  We will make sure your puppy is receiving the proper protection through vaccinations, parasite protection and nutrition, ensuring a healthy start in life. We will answer all your questions on caring for your puppy long-term.

For your first puppy visit with us, we request that you bring the following

  • Your puppy on a leash
  • All paperwork pertaining to the previous care of your puppy including all previous immunizations, deworming, medications and any veterinary medical records
  • A fresh stool sample (less than four hours old and not frozen)
  • Any questions you may have regarding your puppy’s health

Your Puppy’s first visit will include:

  • Complete physical exam
  • Recommendations for internal parasite screening and deworming insert link to puppy package?
  • Development of a vaccination program based on your puppy’s lifestyle
  • Recommendations for controlling and preventing external parasites such as flea and ticks
  • Behavior and housetraining recommendations
  • Nutritional counseling