HomeAgain Microchipping


HomeAgain Microchipping at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital

With a HomeAgain microchip and pet recovery system, you’ll give your pet the best chance of coming back home to you!

Your pet’s microchip ID number will be permanently registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database, along with your contact information. Always keep your contact information up to date. Updates are always free.

Lost Pet Specialists

The HomeAgain call center staffs around-the-clock Lost Pet Specialists who are trained to send out Lost Pet Alerts and guide you through the process of searching for your pet.

Rapid Lost Pet Alerts &
Personalized Lost Pet Posters

Dedicated Recovery Specialists send rapid Lost Pet Alerts to the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Network of volunteer veterinarians, shelters and PetRescuers in the area where your pet went missing. Pet parents can also create a Lost Pet Poster on the website to begin their search promptly.

Emergency Medical Hotline

Your pet’s protected even when he’s by your side! When a pet emergency strikes, HomeAgain members have access to a 24-hour hotline staffed with licensed ASPCA veterinarians. Call for potentially life-saving advice when you need it most.

Travel Assistance For Found Pets

For lost pets found 500 miles or more from home, a HomeAgain membership covers $500 in pet airfare to fly your cat or dog back home.