Fear Free

There is a growing movement within the veterinary industry. A movement to rethink the way that we care for pets. This movement is based upon the premise that a pet’s emotional well-being is intimately tied to the level of care they receive. That’s because, when a pet experiences stress, hormones change their body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. These are the same systems that veterinary professionals use to assess a pet’s overall health. This can make it difficult to tell the difference between a health issue and a stress response.

At Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital, we want both you and your pet to have great veterinary visits with us. This is why we utilize fear free and anxiety reducing techniques when examining and treating your pet. These techniques and protocols means your pet experiences less anxiety triggers, leading to a happier visit for pets, clients and the staff.

There are many ways we make a visit to our hospital fear and stress free for both you and your pet:

  • Separate waiting areas for cats and dogs.
  • Use of Feliway during feline appointments and treatment.
  • Minimize stress instead of maximizing restraint.
  • Using food treats throughout your pet’s appointment.
  • Massaging your pet during their appointment.
  • Using environmental stress relievers such as pheromone diffusers placed throughout the hospital.
  • Early use of sedation for the pets that need it.
  • Use of anti-anxiety medication when needed.
  • Waiting in the quiet environment of an exam room instead of the waiting area.
  • Use of Adaptil for dog appointments.

If your pets could talk, our clients would say “we love the fear free and stress free visits we have with the veterinarians and staff at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital!”

So give us a call. And let us show you a better way to care.

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