Krislyn (Kristi) DeLeon grew up in a small Southeastern Kansas town where there were always lots of animals around. “Some of my best memories are of spending time at my grandparent’s farm and working as a horse wrangler at Girl Scout camp during the summer. My passion for veterinary medicine solidified when at the age of 16 I started working at ElDorado Animal Clinic. I loved being there so much they would have to remind me to go home.”

During her final year at Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine she did her externship at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital. During those few weeks she fell in love with the community and returned after graduation in 1995. She cannot imagine living or working anywhere else.

When she’s not at the Animal Hospital you can find her skiing or hiking with her best friend Dolly, hanging out with Snickers (Snicker Doodle Bug) or cheering on her two kids, Kaleigh and Gabe, at their sporting events.