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Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital
Meet Dr. Alan Brightman at Mt McKinley Animal Hospital
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Veterinary Hospital

Allen Brightman DAVCO

Veterinarian at Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital, Fairbanks, AK 99701

Alan Brightman, DAVCO Allen Brightman, DAVCOO

Dr. Alan Brightman has been a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists for more than 28 years. He served as full professor of ophthalmology at Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine and was one of Dr. DeLeon’s professors when she attended KSU CVM.  Dr. Brightman specializes in the entire spectrum of medical and surgical ophthalmology of all animal species and is the author of more than 90 publications. He has 28 years of clinical experience and has pioneered a number of surgical procedures. Some of these procedures include: full thickness corneal graft, eyelid wedge resection, cryosurgery for canine glaucoma, and the intraocular prosthesis.

Dr. Brightman visits Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital in January, May and September to provide advanced ophthalmology services including CERF (certified eye registry foundation) examinations, ophthalmologic examinations for a variety of conditions including cataract and glaucoma, and surgical treatment for your pet. If your pet is experiencing serious eye problems, has been referred by your regular veterinarian, or in need of certification for breeding purposes please call 907-452-6104 to set up an appointment.